New Jersey has an affordability crisis. Under one party Democrat rule, Trenton has never found a tax it didn’t like or want to increase as evidenced in Governor Murphy’s 3 billion dollar increase in his 2020 budget. We can’t keep going on this trend of reckless taxes and expect residents to stay. The way we combat this is to elect fiscally responsible Republicans like Jean Stanfield, Ryan Peters, and Mike Torrissi to serve as your tax dollar watchdogs in Trenton.

School Funding

The school spending formula is severely flawed and harmful to the residents of the 8th District. 70% of 8th district towns lost funding and saw substantial tax increases as well as cuts to staff, after school programs, and learning material. Schools like Lenape Regional (-1.2 Million), Evesham (-1.4 Million), and Pemberton(-4.7 Million) got slammed while Phil Murphy granted millions in free college tuition to illegal immigrants. Trenton politicians need to put New Jersey citizens first and that’s exactly what Mike will do as your next legislator. 


New Jersey has become a corrupt wasteland and patronage pit for well connected Democrats in our state. Between bribery, silencing opposition, and appointing friends to six figure tax paying jobs, the Trenton swamp is out of control. Mike will join with the rest of the South Jersey Republican delegation to take on the Camden County Cartel and bring transparency and integrity back to our state government.

Supporting Small Business

Mike Torrissi is a life-long Republican who understands our communities, and what’s important to us. From his humble roots working on his family farm, Mike learned early on that small businesses are the backbone of South Jersey. When he’s elected to the legislature, you can count on Mike to fight for de-regulation, lower taxes and a friendly business climate in New Jersey.

Delivering Opportunity

South Jersey has everything to offer for employers and job seekers alike. With a well trained workforce, ample opportunities for education and some of the finest communities New Jersey has to offer we are well positioned as a destination for employers big and small. We need legislators who will work hard to make sure that investments in job training, tax incentives and grant programs land in our communities not North Jersey.

Supporting First Responders

As a councilman I’ve had the privilege of working with our police, firefighters and EMS to provide them with the state of the art tools and technology we need to keep our communities safe. You can count on me to make the tough decisions and support the heroes in our community.