Hammonton Councilman Michael Torrissi, Jr. exploring a run in the 8th District

December 19, 2019

Hammonton, NJ – Hammonton Councilman Michael Torrissi, Jr announced today that he is exploring a run in the 8th Legislative District. Torrissi is former municipal leader, Republican Club President and successful businessman is weighing his options in the 8th District. “Dawn Addiego was elected as a Republican who was supposed to represent our interests and values,” Torrissi said. “After her defection to the democratic party, I stepped up to support Ryan Peters and Jean Stanfield. I look forward to working with both of them, as well as Chairman Sean Earlin to maintain Republican control of both Assembly seats and win back the Senate seat in 2021,” said Torrissi.

Addiego switched parties from Republican to Democrat in January of 2019 in large part due to the lobbying of Senate President Democrat Steve Sweeney. Since her defection, Republicans have held the line in LD-8 beating Addiego ally Joe Howarth in an Assembly Primary and then electing both Ryan Peters and Jean Stanfield to keep Republican control. “If you look at the numbers, loyal Republican votes in Hammonton carried the day for Peters and Stanfield. I’m confident that no matter who the Republican is against Addiego you’ll see the same result,” Torrissi said.

Legislative District 8 spans nearly all of Burlington County and parts of Atlantic and Camden counties. Torrissi says that he’s prepared to raise the money necessary and set the framework for a win in November 2021. “With my track record in business, and my service to the residents of the Town of Hammonton, I am confident that the voters of the 8th Legislative District will be supportive of a real Republican, especially someone who supports our President,” Torrissi said.

Torrissi has strong ties not only to the transportation industry but also the agriculture industry in the area. “My grandfather was a peach farmer, and since I was about 10 years old I was also a peach farmer working in the fields, and in the packing house. I know first hand how overregulation and lack of understanding by law makers like Dawn Addiego contributes to the bottom line. Our farmers are taxed and regulated enough, it’s time we give them a break,” Torrissi said. Torrissi also echoed his unhappiness about the additional gas tax enacted in August of 2018. “At that time, Dawn Addiego and Joe Howarth both voted yes to raising the gas tax. I was vocally against it at the time, and still am. While this tax might have helped fund transportation projects, it hurt more people than it helped. Big business, local mom/pop stores, and families are all feeling the pain of that tax, and our legislators did nothing to stop it,” said Torrissi.

In the coming months, Torrissi plans to announce his campaign team, and begin to roll-out endorsements, as well as begin the fundraising process. “The democrats in South Jersey are well funded through their PACs and other fundraising entities. I believe we will raise the money necessary to not only be competitive but win this race.” Torrissi said. During the most recent election, Norcross’s General Majority PAC spent millions only to lose a senate seat in LD1, and Assembly seats in LD1 and LD8.

Michael Torrissi is owner of Torrissi Trucking, an interstate bulk fuel carrier. With locations across the Eastern seaboard, Torrissi employs hundreds of staff who ensure fuel products are delivered safely to thousands of communities, airports and industrial facilities. Torrissi is a graduate of Rutgers University in Camden, and a Councilman in the Town of Hammonton. Torrissi is a former Hammonton Reublican Club President, municipal leader and seasoned political operative. Torrissi resides in Hammonton with his wife and daughter.